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Poetry: As a ginkgo tree

"I have left my heart in 
so many places" 
so they say

Some places those heart-seeds 
slowly shrivel
after goodbyes
good memories

Some flourish in the rich soil
of a place that was once home

They sink in
take root
connecting me to there 

Those seedlings of mine
sometimes spread out
sometimes in places I've never even lived
but where I did
experience Life

May they grow to be sturdy
solid and strong
beautiful and striking
as a ginkgo tree
     like the one
     in the Abbey Gardens
     its fanned leaves fallen
     soon to regrow
     soon to offer shade
     then shelter
     then sunlight - goldenrod beauty
     only for their leaves to fall again

"I have left my heart in
so many places"
but I hope
I have also 
left life. 

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