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Fearless, free

To the mommas of cowboys
dads of preschool pirates
Warrior princess’ parents
who chase behind heroes
as their little hands
slay dragons, defeat giants
fearless, free

To the ones who raise
fiery, passionate
stubborn and smart
infuriating and endearing
future leaders

To the tears you’ve shed
talking down tantrums
offering hugs, taking hits
walking trigger tightropes
bedtime negotiations
problem solving
with snacks, songs, prayers

To the mom, dad, grandparent
who has searched
for far too long
for a silly special toy
stashed under couch, carseat, toybox
just to quell a toddler tempest
just to show you love them too

To those who gently brush
soft sleep-steeped hair
from darling dreaming foreheads
and pray that passion
does not trump kindness,
that justice, empathy, love
forge a future thick with hope

That their cowboy, cowgirl
pirate, dragon slayer,
royal rough and tumble rascal
will flourish and grow
will know and be known
and will never lose
the fire that
gives life and warmth

To my kid cowboy
You are my fire, my life
my adventurer, my heart
my little souvenir
oceans running in your veins
the world within your eyes
chasing down your future
arms swinging as you go
– always going
fearless, free

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