My brother and step-dad do what our family calls the Cold Walk. When the temperature drops and the wind picks up, their shoulders rise to their ears until their necks disappear. Hunched over and frowning, they trudge like upright turtles into the bitter air. The Cold Walk. Ohio winter tends to be equal parts windy, […]

Favorite books of 2017

Today is one of those rare, delicious January days where a front moves in, the snow thaws, and the smell of dirt is in the air. It’s currently 55°F outside, gray, and rainy – the perfect weather for flinging open the windows, letting that damp breeze refresh your lungs, and curling up with a great […]

Poetry: As a ginkgo tree

“I have left my heart in so many places” so they say Some places those heart-seeds slowly shrivel after goodbyes good memories Some flourish in the rich soil of a place that was once home They sink in take root connecting me to there always Those seedlings of mine sometimes spread out sometimes in places […]