Hello! I’m Leslie, writer and creator of Sift & Steep. Thanks for spending some time here!

At Sift & Steep you can expect to find whatever is floating around in my mind or keeping me going these days – a mix of stories, poems, daily life, travel and adventure, and the things that make my heart full:  marriage with my handsome, hilarious, and hilariously-weird high-school-sweetheart; raising the giggling, singing, cheeky blur that is my toddler son; stories that stick with me or make me laugh; relishing a quiet kitchen, front porch rocker, or cozy chair and a book; food, of course food, always food; worthwhile questions; lingering conversations.

I began writing a blog casually about 10 years ago (remember Xanga anyone?) but I really fell in love with writing during our time living abroad in England, beginning in 2013. With the move, I set up my second blog which turned into a collection of travel writing, reflections of daily life in a new place, and it chronicled our family growing, changing and ultimately falling in love with that land across the pond.

But as we prepared to move back home to the US, writing took on a new place in my life. I realized, slowly and to my surprise, that to me it was really an exercise in mindfulness, a time to step back and process, and an outlet for creativity and storytelling. Someone once told me – in what came across as definitely not a compliment – “You only speak in stories. Can you say anything without including a story?” Well, I might be able to, but I’ve decided lately that if that’s what’s in me then I’m going to tell them, share them. So, here we are. Sift & Steep. And here I am, taking time to develop this craft, share my writing, and find community with those who feel the same.

Welcome, friend. Maybe grab a hot drink and settle down in your favorite chair. Take a minute to look around. You’re so welcome here.


– Leslie